Region of Peel Council Chambers

This project is a good example of Novita’s skill in integrating existing technology with upgraded systems, thus delivering overall improvements in a cost-effective manner.

The Region has an existing rear projection screen, which represents a significant investment. The Region desired the new voting system to have the same functionality as the old, even using the same buttons, so that no one would have to learn how to use a new system.

A significant challenge on this project was that the existing projection system has an aspect ratio of 4:3, while the new equipment’s aspect ratio is 16:9.

Novita designed the system so that the images are consistent and of high quality on all monitors and screens. A feature of the individual monitors is that the user can see two separate images, such as the request to speak list, and the current presentation.

Novita worked with the Region to program the custom hailing and request to speak system. Different levels of control are accorded to the AV technicians and clerks, as appropriate.

Our work also involved integrating the systems with the local cable company’s systems for television broadcast.

I can appreciate that the aggressive timeline requested to complete this project imposed unique challenges and risks. I appreciate your flexibility and creativity in overcoming the challenges to keep the project moving forward and deliver on the objectives.
– R. Kent Gillespie, Commissioner of Employee and Business Services, Regional Municipality of Peel


Location: Brampton, Ontario
Project Owner:
Region of Peel
Date Completed:
October 2008
Image Credit: