OPP HQ Command Centre

This project involved the renovation to the Ontario Provincial Police's existing Emergency Operations Centre (EOC), located within General Headquarters in Orillia. Novita designed AV systems for the Main Operations Room/Command Centre, the Videoconference Boardroom, and the Executive Command Boardroom.

All technology needed to be durable, reliable, user-friendly, and integrate with existing OPP networks, computers, and telephone systems.  Existing AV Systems were evaluated and integrated where feasible.

Systems included audio and video conferencing, wireless microphones, digital audio signal processing, combined media control, and combined room control.

A video wall was designed using six 67" video cubes to form a 2 X 3 unit wall. The cubes have no bezel, allowing a large, seamless image to be formed using multiple units. A multi-image processor was implemented to allow the resizing and locating of images anywhere on the display screen.

Audio and video matrixing was implemented to allow Emergency Team members to select any video image and associated audio feed on the wall and bring it up on their local monitor and headphones. Smart boards were also included in the design to allow annotation over maps such as Google Earth while tracking the course of an emergency event.

For security, a hard wired system was designed in order to protect information from RF scanner technologies.



                    Location: Orillia, Ontario
                    Client: Ontario Provincial Police
                    AV Systems Cost: $700,000
                    Date Completed: