Mississauga Council Chambers

In 2006, the City of Mississauga decided to upgrade the originally installed audio/video system in the Council Chambers with current technology.

Due to the echo and sound focusing problems presented by the domed ceiling, Novita specified loudspeakers that direct the sound towards the audience but avoid sending audio into the ceiling.

Systems requirements included a new discussion microphone system capable of allowing participants to address Council, and to hear each other talk. The systems also allow for the digital recording and transmission of Council meetings, with potential for future pod-casting.

The central control system was designed and programmed to the City’s requirements, allowing the system administrator very specific control. The system administrator can assign passwords, and set up and save custom settings, allowing a junior technician to easily run the equipment.

Remote control of the systems is one of the key features required by the City, allowing AV service technicians to login to the system and update firmware, or monitor and remedy problems without making an expensive service call. The systems administrator can also login to the system to help solve problems or set up the room in advance, from home.




Location: Mississauga, Ontario
Project Owner:
City of Mississauga
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