London Convention Centre

To set the facility apart from its competition, the Centre desired aesthetic changes to the second floor, including its Grand Ballroom and east foyer. It was realized that the large hallway windows that allow anyone to see into the building was an opportunity to create a positive, exciting impression.

The Grand Ballroom is divisible into eight separate closed-off spaces. The zones allow clients to customize the space to their needs. Properly illuminating each zone, for different simultaneous uses, was a challenge. Novita designed an extremely flexible lighting control system. In addition to the house lighting system, a client can bring in rented equipment for live entertainment, and control all systems through the same interface.

In the Centre’s east foyer, colour-changing programmable LED fixtures enhance the vaulted ceilings. Pre-set colour themes may be implemented, as well as easily programmed custom themes. The use of LED lighting helps the Centre’s commitment to energy efficiency.

Ease of use of all systems was a key concern, as the staff actually controlling the lighting on a regular basis are LCC event staff, not trained lighting designers. The Centre’s input into programming and configuring the system was extremely important.

Novita’s system design included network infrastructure to allow future expansion.


Location: London, Ontario
Project Owner: City of London
Date Completed: 2010
Systems Cost: $500,000
Interior Designer: Nicholls & Associates
Image credit: Michael Harris